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Advantages and savings of going solar

Solar power is a great alternative to our overpriced electricity, but many people wonder if it will save them any money. The answer depends on your location and electric usage. This article will help you determine if Solar is right for your home. How Does Solar Panel Save Money? A traditional solar system consists of […]

What is a smart meter, and explain net metering Vs monthly netting with rollover?

What is a smart meter? A smart meter is a device that digitally records electricity usage. The recorded information can be read remotely and offers several advanced measurement features, including energy consumption, voltage, power flow, and frequency. Smart meters provide customers with access to their electrical data via the internet or cellular network. In doing […]

What classifies a panel as tier 1?

Solar panels are the best way to save on your electric bill. If you’re still using electricity from a power company, you’ve been overpaying for years. And now that the cost of solar has dropped dramatically in recent years, there’s no better time than now to get started! Solar panels are so simple that they […]

Tesla battery vs. generator for backup

It’s no secret that Tesla has been one of the most innovative car companies in recent history. They may have just released their newest invention, a battery system for backup power. But does this new product offer anything new? It might be time to check out some other alternatives and see what they can do […]

Solar power is a clean and renewable source of energy

With the rising costs of electricity and gas prices, many people are considering going solar. They often think that it is too expensive to do so when comparing the installation costs with those of their present utilities. However, by comparing the benefits rather than looking at costs alone, you will see that you stand to […]

Solar panel loans and leases offer different benefits

Solar panel loans and solar panel leases allow you the option to purchase or lease a solar energy system for your home. Both offering different benefits, it is often difficult to choose between them. To begin with, consider how much money you are willing and able to commit upfront. Those interested in purchasing their systems […]

Solar edge string inverter plus optimizers vs. enphase microinverters

In this article, we will be discussing the pros and cons of both systems, in order to help you make your decision when it comes time to install a system at home or elsewhere. The first thing to note is that these are just two options available on the market today- there are others as […]

Shortages and supply chain issues (panels silica and batteries Tesla)

You’ve probably heard about the troubles Tesla is having with its supply chain. They can’t find enough of certain materials and parts to keep up with demand. For example, they have a shortage of batteries for their cars because Panasonic has stopped making them at one factory and switched to making them at another plant […]

If there is bad weather, will my panels be affected?

What if your solar panels are closed up, and you have a tornado or hail storm coming through? What’s going to happen then? Well, first of all, it’s doubtful that the storm will go directly over your property. If it does, though, rest assured that most modern solar panel systems are designed specifically with such […]

How Local Permitting works and permission to operate from the utility

Solar panels require a complex permitting and inspection process in most localities. The result is that someone with a newly installed solar system will need to request multiple inspections within a specified period. This article discusses the process for ensuring the success of this permitting and inspection process in your locality. In most areas, three […]