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Solar Panel Installation Process

Solar Panels are a great way to save Electricity.

When you purchase a Redemption Solar Power system, your investment in the future of energy pays off. These solar panels will generate sustainable power for your home or office needs and reduce your monthly electricity bills to a fraction of what most customers spend per month on energy costs.

Some Of Our work

How It works?


A review of your last 12 months of usage to determine your solar system size.


We will have our design professionals create a custom CAD design for you to view.


Receive a detailed report, so you can see just how much your going to save.


A professional will visit yoru site and gather all the information we will need from your roof.


Our Certified Installation professionals will install your new solar system.


We help connect you to the grid, ensuring you receive credit for your generated solar power.


We monitor and review your system to ensure your it is performing at optimum levels.


We know your solar needs are constantly evolving, which is why we offer ongoing support.

Why Choose Us?

Redemption Solar Power is a solar energy company based in Waco, Texas. We offer residential and commercial solar panel installation and battery storage to homes and businesses throughout the entire state of Texas. Our goal is to provide quality products with exceptional customer service at competitive rates so that our customers can go solar with no upfront cost and save money on their monthly utility bills by switching from traditional electricity sources to renewable energies like solar power. You won’t have to worry about paying upfront costs or high installation fees when you go solar with us. And we’ll even help you find financing if needed so that going green doesn’t break your bank account. It’s easy and affordable.

Benefits you will get:

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